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It is an independent commune situated on both sides of the international road leading to Harghita county, in the River Olt's valley, 23 kms far from the county capital. Westerly it is encircled by the hilly zone of the Baraolt Mountains, easterly by the hills of the Bodoc Mountains.

Its railway station is the one of Malnas Bai. Its name originates from the name of the Miko family which was the owner of the whole region. The place was donated by count Miko Imre, he sold the extended beech-groves and the quartz sand of the River Olt's terrace. In 1750 the glassworks founded by Miko Miklos was already functioning, as one of the old bells proves it. In 1786 the settlement appeared as Miko Ujfalu. According to some data, when the glass-works was settled here, the population of the three nearest settlements (Gohan, Gerebencz and Zsombor) has moved here. They were the natives of the new village. Various nations (Romanians, Czechs, Germans) were planted here by the count. They were employed in the glassworks, many of them were expert in this craft. In this traditionally Hun¬garian milieu they underwent a change of identity, they became Hungarians/Szeklers. Today most of them are Roman Catholic. Many families of Romanian origin kept their original Greek Catholic religion, but today, due to history, they are of Orthodox religion. According to the last census the total population of the commune counts 1864 inhabitants out of which 1815 persons (97,37%) are Hungarians, 43 people (2,30%) are Romanians and 6 persons are Roms.